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Thursday, January 16, 2014


Did anyone see this story yesterday? Apparently, this adult film star with O-cup sized boobs is now realizing that bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. 

Porn actress, Elizabeth Starr, 43, underwent a controversial surgery to get her boobs dramatically enlarged, hoping that they would help her flailing career. Some years later, Starr says that she's paying the price. I wonder if she's suffering from back pain because my back hurts just looking at all that weight she has to carry around every day. Why would you do this to yourself? Coming from a boob man, this isn't the least bit attractive. 

Doctors told Starr that unless she undergoes a double mastectomy, she runs the risk of blood clots and infections. Starr states, "There is so much scar tissue in my breasts, it's affecting the blood flow to the body and could cause a fatal blood clot. Basically, I'm a ticking time bomb because anything could happen to me. I'm so scared." Well, I hate to be the bad cop, but you shouldn't have enlarged them by a hundred!

In 1999, Starr paid 3,000 pounds, which converts to $5,000 USD today, for polypropylene breast implants, also known as string implants. This procedure involves putting synthetic polypropylene "strings" into the breast. The strings generate fluid production and then absorb the fluid, causing the breasts to continuously expand over time. The implants were banned in the U.S. and Europe a few years after Starr's operation. 

Starr, who lives in L.A. claims that she began suffering from complications 'within days' of the operation. She had the strings removed from her right boob after a painful infection, then had a saline implant put in to even out her chest. It requires a staggering 4 liters of fluid to measure up. The mother of two, who's spent hundreds of thousands on reconstructive surgery to fix complications, says she's in constant pain and finds it difficult to perform simple tasks like getting dressed. I'm sure there's no shortage of milk in that house, though! 

Her reconstructive surgeon for the past 8 years claims that Starr's future "is uncertain." He says that over the years, he's seen cases of polypropylene string implants, but he's never seen a case like Starr's. He's even presented her case at the local medical society and the sentiment was that she needed a double mastectomy. In other words, both boobs must be removed, an option that Starr says is impossible because it would take away her livelihood and she wouldn't know what else to do if she didn't have her breasts. This might be the dumbest woman on the planet. If I had boobs (which I did wish I had) and they were causing me health issues and could possibly be the cause of my death, you're damn right; I would get those things taken out! She doesn't know what she would do? How about quit porn and get real job to provide for your two kids. This chick is nuts and if she doesn't get her problem(s) removed, how can anyone have any sympathy for her. She should at least do it for her kids' sake!


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