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Monday, January 19, 2015


     Since writing this blog, I seemed to have gained this reputation of writing about teachers having sex with their students. To be honest, these stories write themselves! The best part is that you, the readers, actually like these stories. So, who is the the sick one here? Anyway, here is the first one for 2015 and it's a hot one!

     So, two California high school teachers were caught having sex with high school students at a beach party that they helped put together. That's right! Again, I will ask, "Where the hell were these teachers when I was in high school? And why are these dumb little boys telling their parents about it?" Morons! As I was saying; both Melody Lippert, 38, and Michelle Ghirelli, 30, teachers at South Hills High School were arrested over the weekend after allegedly seducing students at a boozy beach party, according to a statement made by the Orange County Sheriff's Office. Detectives are saying that at December's San Clemente State Beach Party, Lippert provided several high school students with alcohol for the overnight campout before have sexual relations with one lucky student. I have to admit; I'm not sure I would have fought off Lippert either if she came on to me and I was the student. 

     It's believed that Ghirelli, the one who looks like she's about to burst into tears in her mugshot, joined the gathering, which was not sanctioned by the school, and had sex with an underage male student. The allegations about the two teachers surfaced on Friday when Covina-Valley Unified School District officials learned of the teachers' possible activity and called the West Covina Police Department. But how did school officials learn of the possible activity? Is it because these boys couldn't keep their mouths shut? They just had to blurt out to their family and friends that they banged their teachers? What's wrong with high school students these days? Back in my day, which was a long time ago, this was more a notch on the belt and you would only tell the friends you trusted. I just don't get it. 

     Lippert's charges do not reflect any sex crimes since the boy she allegedly banged was a student who was over 18 years of age. She's also, however, being accused of having sex with a student at a party in November as well. Lippert is charged being charged with conspiracy and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, but Ghirelli is definitely being charged with oral copulation and unlawful sex with a minor. Both women are expected to be arraigned next week. I mean, unfortunately, for these girls; I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time? I still don't get how these boys are telling people about it. Wouldn' they want to bang these teachers some more? I'll never understand this.

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