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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


     Did you ever wonder what happens when you're on the operating table and they put you under to operate on you? It might be better off that you didn't know. Especially, if you had Dr. David Newman! The prominent Manhattan doctor was accused of groping a second Mount Sinai Hospital patient before surrendering Tuesday for allegedly masturbating onto another woman's face. What the hell? 

     Newman turned himself in on charges that he ejaculated on a patient, who was knocked out by a shot of morphine and he delivered personally in the hospital emergency room. The 45-year-old doctor is an Iraq War veteran and a published author. He was arraigned on sexual abuse and forcible touching charges in both cases Tuesday evening. Newman, whose wife was a "no-show" at the arraignment, was held on $150,000 bond over $50,000 cash bail.

     A second woman, who went to Mount Sinai for medical help back in September, four months before the January 11 incident, surfaced this weekend with her own tale of "woah" by the Montclair, NJ doctor. The 22-year-old patient alleged in her report that she went to Mount Sinai suffering from a severe head cold on September 21, and Newman's "treatment" included fondling her breasts, masturbating and unloading on her face. What I don't understand is why didn't she stop him? It didn't seem like she was under any anesthesia. If someone was masturbating in my face, I would punch them in the balls. Unless, it was a woman, of course. Then, I would just let her continue. 

     Anyway, Newman has yet to make a comment on any of these charges against him. Hospital officials confirmed on Tuesday that he remained on suspension as the investigation moves forward. Authorities want a court order for a sample of Newman's DNA to compare it with evidence that was taken from the gown that his alleged second victim was wearing on January 11. The victim said she used the gown to wife the semen off her face (I'm about to throw up!), and placed it, along with a blanket that she used to clean up, inside a plastic bag. Man, Newman is screwed!

     The patient from January said she was complaining about shoulder pain when she was taken to a private room inside the emergency room at Mount Sinai. After nurses gave her two pain pills and shot for inflammation, the patient was given a shot of morphine by one of the nurses after complaining about more pain. She was then told to change into a gown for X-Rays and that's when Newman walked in and said, "I'm going to give you a shot of morphine." She told him that the nurse had already given her one, but he decided to give her a second shot anyway. Then he began fondling her breasts after the woman complained about pain on the right side of her chest. Newman then moved her bed away from the wall and positioned himself with his back toward the patient. She heard the sounds of someone masturbating and then felt the warm semen hit her face. All the while, she couldn't react because she was heavily medicated. 

     Newman is due back in court on February 23. Okay, here's what I don't understand...If his back was towards the patient, how the hell did he ejaculate on her face? Did he shoot it over his shoulder? The fact that he hasn't made any comments in his defense kind of proves he's guilty....Or does it? I mean, he's a smart man (he's a doctor) and a war veteran, I would assume that he knows better than this. The only problem is that he has two victims dragging his name through the mud with the same acts of lewdness. I can see if there was one, but there are two. I'd say that Dr. Newman is in some pretty big trouble!

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