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Tuesday, January 26, 2016


     Do you remember those times when you just weren't in the mood to do "it"? I mean, I'm always in the mood so I don't remember times like those, but I can assure you that the husband of Sondra Earle-Kelly, 51, can't say the same thing. This South Carolina wife hurled ceramic figurines at her husband and hit him with nunchucks after he refused to have sex with her. Yes, I said she beat him with nunchucks!

      Kelly is facing aggravated domestic violence charges for the fight that took place the night of January 17 in Rock Hill, north of Columbia, SC. Her husband was watching TV in his living room when she asked him to go to bed with her. When he refused, she kept "assaulting him with whatever she could pick up." I mean, we don't know the history of this couple. He might be a cheating husband and that's why he refused to have sex with his wife. I will tell you this, if my wife tells me she's in the mood, that TV is off and my clothes are already on the floor while I'm waiting for her in the bed.

     Reports also claim that the woman had no idea how her husband got hurt. Police said she'd been taking sedative Xanax. The report also stated that Kelly had wounds to her abdomen that apparently were self-inflicted. She was released on $15,000 bond. Who the hell bailed her out? I hope the husband didn't. The bottom line to this story is "Drugs are bad, mmmkay!"

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