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Friday, January 29, 2016


     Okay, I will make this quick since this story speaks for itself! Guys, do you remember when we were kids and you asked your other friends, "Did you bring your baseball equipment?" And when the other kid said, "No," everyone would get a big laugh? For those of you who didn't get that, it was a juvenile kid's joke asking if their friend brought his bat and two balls. Get it now? 

     Anyway, this guy brings new meaning to bringing his ping-pong equipment. It's attached to him for crying out loud! A video has gone completely viral of a man using his penis as a ping pong paddle to hit a ball and actually gets a pretty good return. I would say this was nuts, but it was actually all penis! 

     Here's the family-friendly version of the smash.....

     .....If you really want to see the full-frontal version, you can take a look here.

     If you think this guy is the only one playing schlong pong guess again. Click here. 
As you can see these players are so good at playing schlong pong, there's no need for them to even grip the paddle. And God forbid they lose a ball, they always have a spare two on them. Like I asked earlier, "Did you bring your ping pong equipment?" I wonder how this sport is going over in China since ping pong is kind of the the national sport. Hilarious!

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