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Friday, January 8, 2016


     Am I the only one who is not a fan of the Facetime calls? I mean it's cool sometimes, but I hate looking at myself on the phone. Phones are meant to communicate and not look at each other. Then again, isn't that what you do when you're actually with the person? Have you ever been Facetime butt-dialed? Aren't those the worst? 

     Well, tell this doesn't suck! Can you imagine recently getting dumped by some girl and while the wound is still fresh in your heart, your ex pours salt on that wound in a Facetime call you will never forget. That's what happened to Finn The Creator. (That's his Twitter name....don't even ask.) Finn posted, "She broke up with me because I texted back too fast." Um, what? I mean, that's a great reason to break up with someone! Did she mean he was too possessive by texting back to fast? Is 'texting back' code word for ejaculating? I mean, I would hate to think girls are dumping guys because they "text back too fast." Girls will think of anything to have a different dick!

     So, Finn was trying to contact his ex-girlfriend because they actually work together. What did I say the other day about not shitting where you eat? He said, "I wanted to know if a certain manager worked that day." So, he Facetimed her? Why? Why not text her? Why would you Facetime her? That's when his Facetime request took a turn for the worst. The photo above was what he saw when she accepted his request. What do you do in an incident like this? You take a screenshot and post it on social media! 

     The photo got retweeted and "liked" 14,000+ times with people giving Finn crap about calling his ex in the first place. Come on! We've all been there. When you really like the person and she dumps you, all you want to do is hear her voice. If you act like you've never been there, you have no soul! He posted, "My mentions been hurting my soul since I posted this." Poor kid, but dumb kid too! Some replies noticed a ring on the guy's finger. Um, hello! That's his right hand! That's not a wedding band, morons! And am I the only one who noticed that Finn's ex has a great rack? If I were Finn, I wouldn't have posted this online, I would have kept this photo for a lonely night with a jar of vaseline. It's a pretty hot pic! Just sayin'! Also, maybe she dumped him because of the selfies he took?

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