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Tuesday, January 19, 2016


      You might be looking at this thinking, "What the hell is that?" or you might be thinking, "Ouch!" All of you fathers out there are probably thinking, "That's exactly what I need for when my daughter turns 16." 

     It's exactly what it looks like....a chastity belt! Who knew these things actually existed? I only saw them in movies like Robin Hood: Men In Tights, however they do exist! It turns out, an Italian woman recently stunned firefighters when she called with an emergency and asked them for help opening the lock to her chastity belt. 

     The unnamed woman reportedly turned to the emergency services as a last resort after losing the key to the lock. The 60-year-old woman, who has not been identified due to the country's privacy laws, went to a fire station in the city of Padua. She told the firefighters, "Hello, I lost the keys to a lock and I can't open it."

     The women shocked the crew when she lifted up her sweater to reveal an iron chastity belt around her waist., complete with an iron padlock. That serious can't be fun when you have to pee really bad. I mean, even during medieval times, how could they think that this was a good idea? What if they lost the key? 

     So, anyway, the woman had to explain that she wore the belt voluntarily to prevent herself from entering into sexual relationships. Um, yeah. She's 60. How much sex was she having to not be able to trust herself to say no? I mean, come on guys! We all know that women have that stuff locked down tight and we can't go in unless they say yes or no. Why would anyone really need to wear an chastity belt for real? This 60-year-old lady must've looked like Sophia Loren or something because I find it hard to believe men are trying to bang in her door. After seeing this device, though, I would say there is a safe bet that no one would be banging down here door. 

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