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Thursday, January 14, 2016


     I love getting stories from my Facebook friends for me to blog about, but for the love of God, people, send it to me privately if you want me to write about it. Don't post it on my page because why would I blog about it if you already posted it? Anyway, that's what my bud, Hector Castro did. He sent me this delicious story. The names were left out to protect the victims, but the story is so awesome and hot that I had to share this. 

     So, who isn't attached to their smart phones? I mean, no joke, I know a bunch of people still using flip phones and they aren't using them as burner phones either. Anyway, it's not an uncommon practice for professors and teachers to give out their cell phone numbers for students to text or call them for quick questions on assignments. Really? None of my professors ever offered that to me. That being said, most people have had those awkward moments where they accidentally texted someone something that wasn't meant for them. One professor sent her student some sensual text messages that definitely worked in the students favor in more ways than one. By the way, as I'm writing this, I'm so distracted by the photo above. 

     So, last week a student received a text from his professor. She had given the students her cell number earlier in the semester for question and she saved his number. My professors only gave us their office number and email for questions. That might have been best in this scenario. I'm not sure I've ever heard a professor giving students their cell number. I mean, I sure as hell wouldn't if I was a professor. Regardless, the student and the professor's boyfriend apparently share the same first name. The professor mistook the student's phone number in her phone with her boyfriend's and sent a series of photos to her student with provocative messages. 

     The texts start out with the professor in a seductive pose asking if he'd like to see more. Obviously, the students response was "Definitely!" I mean, what moron would not want to see more of their hot professor? So, she ends up sending more. Next, she sends the student a photo of her with her top pull up, showing her boobs and her pants pulled down, exposing her underwear with a message saying, "Can't wait to see you tonight." Now, this is where the texts get interesting. Personally, I would have played along so she would send even more pics, but that's just me. The student informed the professor that she had the wrong number and then proceeded to tell her that he is from her COM 201 class. As expected, the professor freaks out after realizing what she'd done. 

     She responded, "Oh Shit! Please delete those pictures. Then, she struck a deal with the student. She plead, "If you delete them and don't tell the university, I promise to give you an 'A' in the class. Don't even bother showing up for the final." What would you do in this situation? Obviously, the student jumped at the chance for a free "A" in a class. He texted her back a very short message..."Deal!" Then, he texted her again, "Just one more thing," adding one last request. She replied desperately to keep him quiet about the incident, "Anything!" He wrote, "Just thought I'd let you know I'm impressed by what I see ;)" Hell yeah! He was! He's a hot blooded young man. Only a guy not interested in girls would have been disgusted by these text messages. 

     Well, the professor kept to her promise, but I'm not sure that he did. Although no names were involved, this student's legendary way of scoring that "A" had gone viral. It even ended up here in my blog and I love it! Thank you, Hector for this amazing story! Now, I need to go spend some alone time in the bathroom! Only kidding, honey!

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