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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


     I've heard of nude beaches, nude hotels and nudist colonies, but a nude restaurant? Um, hmmm....I'm not sure if this will go over well, here in the U.S., but let's see what it's all about. 

     The menu is still fairly unkown at this new Tokyo restaurant, but the rules of the establishment are already leaving a bad taste in people's mouths. Japan's first "naked restaurant" will be opening it's doors in late July and it's not the thought of dining naked with strangers that's the off-putting part. The Amrita has some fairly offensive rules for entry that make it pretty clear that they only want a certain type of clientele in their restaurant. 

     Their website lists restrictions on entry, including weight, age and even body ink. Adult diners over the age of 60 won't be welcome in the restaurant because of their upper age limit, and neither will people who are more than 33 pounds over the average weight for a person of their height. No tattoos are allowed in the restaurant either. Um, wow! Considering tattoos are a major trend and the majority of the world's population are overweight (Okay, I made that up), it sounds to me this restaurant might not last too long. Besides the prospect of being turned away for your height and age, the restaurant will require everyone who enters to wear disposable underwear that they will provide. This keeps getting worse and worse. 

     The restaurant does, however, promise hunky waitstaff who will be nearly naked. Oh, great! I was looking for a restaurant with a hunky waitstaff! I guess I can mark The Amrita off as one of my places to go to in Tokyo. I don't fit their clientele. The tattoo part anyway. The tickets for the opening weekend are going for over 10,000 Japanese yen, which is $94 USD. But wait! There's more! Don't send you hard-earned dollars over their just yet to make your reservation. Adding insult to injury, those who do not meet the requirements I just listed for you, will not get a refund. So, make sure you fit those requirements! Yeah, no thanks Japan! You can keep this one!

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