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Friday, June 17, 2016


     So, an odd thing happened at breakfast a few mornings ago. Well, not for me anyway. In Sandy Springs, Georgia, a man is facing public indecency charges after allegedly trying to force his way into a Waffle House while he was completely naked. I guess he read my blog from the other day about the naked restaurant in Tokyo. Um, the Waffle House is not one of those restaurants, buddy!

     36-year-old, Bashir Rasheed was arrested on June 7 after he drove his BMW to a Waffle House in Sandy Springs, got out of his car and tried to enter the restaurant with not a stitch of clothing on. Witnesses told police that Rasheed began stroking his penis after exiting the car and walked up to the entrance, where he allegedly, and I quote, "pressed his sex organ against the glass entry door." I am crying with laughter right now. I wish you readers can see me here in my office. That is some funny stuff! 

     A Waffle House employee immediately called 911 to explain the situation: "The is Waffle House. A gentleman just got out of his car and is naked standing in front of my door. He just peed on my door and now he's walking inside. 'Sir, you cannot come in here.'" That...Is...Hilarious!

     One witness, Derwin Rodgers said he was attempting to eat when he saw the brazen display of flesh outside his window. Instead of eating what was on his plate, Rodgers decided to go viral by live streaming the incident. Rodgers said, "It kind of shocked me as a customer, ruined my meal. I immediately went to video. I didn't know what he was going to do. He was saying a lot of different things. He's hot, he's burning up. Apparently, he was. It must have been Death Valley out here. He was butt naked." 

     The incident presented a challenging parental moment for Rodgers as well. He continued, "I wouldn't know how to tell my kid what was going on at the time, to see a grown man. He was built like a potato." Eventually, Rasheed retreated to his car and was arrested a short time later. Officers said he was just coherent enough to identify himself to authorities since he obviously didn't have pocket for his wallet. 

     However, Rasheed was unable to explain to officers why he was even naked. Even worse, officers said the suspect grabbed himself and began to urinate while they were talking. I am literally dying right now! Poor police officers. Rasheed was medically evaluated at a nearby hospital before being cited for public indecency and released. 

      I am literally laughing out loud about this story, though, it's a sad one because this guy clearly has some mental problems. I couldn't help thinking about the waiter or waitress asking, "Would you like a sausage with your waffles?" And then seeing this disgusting view! If you really need to see a clip of the live feed posted by Rodgers, click on this link.>>http://www.cbs46.com/clip/12528365/video-man-strips-naked-outside-waffle-house

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