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Thursday, June 23, 2016


     Since my wife and I love to travel, we like to visit some of the national parks this great country has to offer, which covers almost 20 percent of the U.S. These national parks like the Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon and Yellowstone are absolutely beautiful and breathtaking when you see them in person. Why would anyone in their right mind want to vandalize in a national park? It makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever!

     This is 23-year-old Casey Nocket drawing on a rock formation in one of the national parks like an asshole. Don't worry! She's been banned from all national parks and federally administered land, which, like I said, is more than a fifth of the U.S., after defacing rock formations with graffiti and posting evidence of her crimes on her social media pages. Besides being banned, Nocket was also sentenced to 200 hours community service and will pay a monetary fine to be determined at a hearing in December. 

     The San Diego native documented her art on the rocks using social media as she traveled across the U.S. Over a 26-day period in 2014, she damaged formations at seven national parks by drawing or painting on them with acrylic paint and markers, signing her works with her social media handle, 'Creepytings.' Technically, it should be 'StupidBitch.' Just sayin'!

     According to on U.S. Attorney, "The defendant's defacement of multiple rock formations showed a lack of respect for the law and our shared national treasures. The National Park Service has worked hard to restore the rock formations to their natural state, completing clean-up efforts in five of the seven national parks. They expect to complete clean-up efforts at Death Valley and Crater Lake national parks as weather permits."

     After proudly posting her work on Instagram like an idiot, she provoked outrage on social media and was later arrested. Some of the vandalism proved difficult to remove as sandblasting and chemical stripping techniques used to remove paint can cause irreplaceable damage to natural features. 

     Yesterday, Nocket appeared at a federal court in Fresno, California, where she pleaded guilty to seven counts of defacing national parks. Nocket's Instagram account has since been deleted following an outcry, but not before various media outlets got a hold of it, publishing exchanges in which she shamelessly defended her work: "It's art, not vandalism. I am an artist!"

     The case also prompted a White House petition demanding she be prosecuted with more than 10,000 people signing the document. After Nocket admitted causing damage in the national parks, a chief law enforcement officer for the National Park Service said, "This case illustrates the important role that the public can play in identifying and sharing evidence of illegal behavior. It is clear that the public cares deeply for the special places that the National Park Service represents, and the resolution of this case sends a message to those who consider such inappropriate behavior going forward."

     How about about the fact that you should have caught her, Mr. Chief Law Enforcer? How did nobody catch this girl in the act? Aren't there park rangers in these parks? Weren't there other tourists there who could have talked some sense into this girl? And no, honey, you're not an artist! You're an asshole for using these million year old rock formations as your canvas! No artist would ever do that! Idiot!

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