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Thursday, July 23, 2015


     I know that this story came in yesterday afternoon, but I can't help to think what the hell? This might be the worst burglary case I've ever seen in my life, but also the one of the creepiest I've ever seen in my life. 

     This is Jason Hubbard. Back in May, he was caught quietly hiding under a homeowner's bed...FOR THREE DAYS! He was caught on Ellenel Boulevard in Spotswood, NJ. 

     So, allegedly, he casually walked through an open door while the homeowner was taking out the trash. With nowhere to go, the intruding Hubbard decided to hide under the bed in a guest room. What he might have envisioned to be a quick robbery turned into a three-day stakeout. Hubbard ended up laying under the bed for the next few days, playing on his four cell phones and recharging them in the outlet next to the bed. Yes, I said "four" cell phones! I'm starting to wonder if Hubbard was a homeless man with four cell phones who needed to just charge his phones? Maybe he wasn't intending to rob anyone. I mean, regardless, he was still tresspassing.

     The hide-and-go-seek gig finally came to an end on May 10, when Hubbard made a noise and the homeowner caught him. So, basically, in three days, this guy, Hubbard made no such noises until the third day? What? According to the police report, it wasn't really clear when Hubbard was planning to make his move to rob the home. If he was planning to rob the home at all. I'm telling you! He just wanted to charge his many phones! 

     Police arrested Hubbard and charged him with criminal trespass, burglary and theft of services, even though he didn't steal anything. He's been held on $50,000 bail at Middlesex County Adult Corrections Center since May. So, be careful when you're taking your trash out at night. You never know who will sneak in. Also, if you hear anything weird in your house, check under your beds first! Apparently, you'll never know what you'll find!  

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