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Friday, July 10, 2015


     As if our civil servants weren't catching enough slack for assaulting civilians, it sounds like they're banging them too! Some are calling this a one-stroke penalty. I'm calling it a hole in one! I guess it's all perspective, right? 

     Anyway, a Pennsylvania police officer is in a "hole" lot of trouble after he was caught putting his club where it shouldn't have been. In some woman on a golf course. The Susquehanna Township police officer was busted in a sex act just before midnight on one of the putting greens at the Country Club of Harrisburg golf course in Harrisburg, PA. 

     42-year-old, Eric B. Nelson was in the back seat of his Toyota Tundra truck with 29-year-old, Kerri Maxwell when state police interrupted the couple doing the dirty on May 26. Nelson, a 15-year veteran on the police force as well as a military veteran, was off duty when he was observed "engaging in adult activity."

     Susquehanna Township Public Safety Director Robert Martin said in a statement, "I am confident he (Nelson) is not defined by this, and he will grow from this. He has all of my support." Nelson faces trespassing and disorderly conduct charges while Miss Maxwell was slapped with disorderly conduct. Martin said Nelson has been disciplined, but won't be fired. 

     In all fairness, officer Nelson was off-duty and on his own personal time, so it shouldn't impact his status as a police officer. On the otherhand, he should have known better than to trespass and bang one of his young hussies on the golf course. I guess the punishment fits the crime. At least there won't be a riot over this.

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