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Thursday, April 14, 2016


     So, normally, I write about silly stories that happen around the world, but today, I am so furious about the drivers here in South Jersey, that I feel the need to blow off steam in writing. Personally, I really wanted to blow my steam off of another driver's face, but that would have only created legal problems for me and hospital bills for him, therefore, I am taking the high road and complaining about it on here. So, lucky you!

     Since my wife and I moved down here, I always said the driver's in this part of Jersey are total assholes. Now, I know the driving in North Jersey isn't great either, as we are more aggressive up north and much more disrespectful, but down here, they are just dumb! I mean, how stupid can you be to drive 45 MPH in the fast lane of a 66 MPH two-lane highway, which is technically the passing lane? Hey, asshole! If you're going to drive that slow, stay in the right lane (the slow lane) so people can pass you! 

     Also, down here, why put the "no texting while driving" laws into place? No one listens to them. When I'm stuck behind a driver, who is driving super slow and swerving, I would think they were drunk. Nope! When I finally get to pass them, they are nose deep in their phones. HOW IS THIS OKAY? 

     Down here, there is no regard for any other drivers. When people drive down here, they're the only ones on the road. It's like they have tunnel vision, which brings me to today! I was driving to work on Route 73 in the middle lane of a 3-lane section. This SUV started merging into my lane, with no blinker, as if I wasn't there. When I became aware of what he was doing, I signaled right and got into the next lane. This idiot kept on coming and totally cuts in front of me! Asshole! So, just like any North Jersey/New York driver would do, I laid on my horn as I followed him for a 1/4 of a mile. Would you believe that I saw this driver throw his hands up in the air as if to say, "What are you honking at?" I felt my blood start to boil. My wife told me I should have taken a photo of his license plate and posted it on Facebook, but as I grabbed my phone, the asshole turned off and was gone. My next reaction was to follow him and continue honking to put the fear of God into him, but would it be worth all the trouble? 

     Then, only yesterday, I was merging onto Route 295 to go to class, and I was ahead of this silver Camry in the slow lane, and all of a sudden, he speeds up so I couldn't merge in. So, I sped up and cut him off. Who the hell does that though? It's called courtesy. I was ahead of you, so let me in! Don't speed up! I mean, I get that you had the right of way, but I was two car lengths ahead of this car. The driving mentality down here is ridiculous!

     Where do these people come from? Why do they give just anyone a license? Meanwhile, I abide by the driving laws after taking many driver's safety classes for insurance purposes, I mean I speed every now an then, but I'm the one who gets pulled over for speeding while my cruise control was on and set at 55 MPH. I guess that's irony for you. The shitty driver's cause accidents, while the good drivers pay heavy fines. I know I just pinned South Jersey for this, but I'm sure there are bad drivers in every state. This particular one just happened to piss me off. 

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