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Friday, April 29, 2016


     I wanted to end this week with some hilarity since laughter is the best medicine and today is friggin' Friday! You have to love when stupid people get arrested. I know I do, because they make for great blogs! Anyway, this Ohio couple seemed to be "stupid" enough to be "in the mood" to be arrested. 

     They were found naked and drunk in their car and arrested on Sunday morning, but the boyfriend swore he had a valid excuse for the nude excursion. Glenn Mcie told North Royalton police, "When the mood hits, you have to find a place to park," just after cops found him knocked out naked from the waist down on top of his completely nude girlfriend. 

     Officers spotted the couple passed out inside a Jeep parked in a handicapped space at about 2:15 a.m. Mcie's lady friend, Shannon Mulcahy, responded to police orders to get dressed by yelling, "f**k you guys" out the window. Officers said Mcie reeked of alcohol and was stumbling in both his steps and sentences. He was arrested for drunk driving, and had to be forced into the police car, where he started banging his head on the car window. 

     Mulcahy finally got dressed, then began yelling and cursing at the officers again. According to records, "Most of what she said was not understandable or made no sense since she was so intoxicated." She also refused to hand over her ID or tell police her name, which led to her arrest. 

     Like her boyfriend, Mulcahy also banged her head against the window while she was sitting in the police car. What is wrong with these people? Police found an open mason jar of moonshine in the back seat of the car, and also determined the couple had just left a nearby bar. Mcie's breathalyzer test showed he had a .11 blood alcohol content level. He appeared in court on Thursday, while his girlfriend is scheduled for May 12. 

     It's Friday, so be careful where you drink and bang, people! You never know when "the mood will strike!" 

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