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Thursday, August 25, 2016


     Welcome to blog number 1000 for me! That means there were 1000 blog posts by me about teacher-student sex, stupid sex mishaps, marijuana use and abuse, rants, and Florida. For those of you who read regularly, I thank you! And I also thank those of you who have reached out on a personal level to tell me you love reading my buzzkill blogs! I keep writing these to keep you entertained....and because the stupidity keep happening! 

     So, what else do I write about for my 1000th blog post? Well, there were no teacher-student sexcapades yet since school starts in two weeks here on the east coast, but so of course there's marijuana! This story will have you up in arms....or at least, up in smoke! 

     Anyway, two dopes from Fort Hall, Idaho, were arrested over the weekend for smoking a joint around a young boy and shotgunning the smoke into his mouth. For those wondering what "shotgunning" is, a "friend" told me it was the art of inhaling the joint or cigarette and then blowing it into a willing participant's mouth, so they can inhale the smoke. In this case, it was a little boy! What the hell is wrong with people? 

     Here's the kicker, the women thought what they were doing was so funny, they decided to post a video of it on Facebook. Needless to say, the video went viral. I'm sure it went viral because people were mortified by it and not because it was hilarious. The video actually had me cringing. 

     One woman in the video says to the boy, "You getting high? He's high, he's off blazing it!" The same woman can then be seen taking a photo of the child. The two women in the video were arrested for child endangerment. The Fort Hall Police Department said investigators are currently requesting warrants for the remaining two adults in the video, which has since been removed. As the investigation is ongoing, Fort Hall Police say they won't release any further info, including the adults' relation to the child. 

     I have to say that this kid is going to grow up pretty messed up, for sure. I mean these people are trash. To be honest, I am one who likes to partake, and I would never do this to a child. I wouldn't even do it to a pet. It's a waste of good weed! Just kidding! It can really mess a child up. Then again, if my babysitter molested me or blew pot smoke in my face, I might be okay with that. But that's me! I'm already screwed up in the head! Now, I'm just babbling! Take a look at this video footage and thank you again, for always reading my ramblings!

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