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Thursday, August 11, 2016


     What would you do if you didn't want your other half traveling to visit an ex? Well, why would they be traveling to visit an ex in the first place? Secondly, if they loved you enough, they wouldn't be traveling to see them once they realized it really bothered you, right? 

     Well, this Queens man, Danesh Gomanie, took it to a whole new level. He was willing to do anything for love, including even calling in a bomb threat at JFK Airport to stop his girl from seeing her ex-husband. Gomanie, 33, a mechanic at an aviation company located in JFK, allegedly dialed 911 on July 27 at 10 am under the name "Singh", telling the operator a woman would be "carrying a bomb and/or drugs" the next night on Caribbean Airlines Flight 527.

     FBI agents were able to trace the call to Gomanie's cell phone. The lovesick prank caller admitted he made the threat because he was upset that she was flying to Guyana and was "fearful that she might reunite with her ex-husband who lived there."

     Okay, so maybe not all of the morons are in Florida. I guess some are still here in NYC. Why would you jeopardize your whole life and your job over a girl? If she's traveling to see her ex, she's doing it with or without your consent anyway. Now what? She probably broke up with your ass for being so insecure. You now have a criminal record because of your stupid bomb threat stunt. And worst of all, you might be out of a job. How does that feel, Danesh? Now, you have nothing! And it was all over a girl, who might have wanted to just go home to Guyana and would probably have not seen her ex. 

     Gomanie appeared Tuesday in Brooklyn federal court and was released on $20,000 bail. Oh, and now you're out $20,000.....over a girl! I bet you wish you could take back that phone call now. 

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