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Tuesday, August 2, 2016


     Okay, so confused about my title? You won't be after I tell what this guy did. You may even give him an "A" for effort, but so disgusted with him that you may want to slap him. 

     Anyway, it's not a stretch to say that the foreskin isn't the first place one would think of hiding drugs, when trying to smuggle it. However, when you're naked in a parking lot, and you're about to be arrested, you find ways to improvise. At least, that's what Joshua Hare did. 

     Police in Swindon, UK, said they found 7.2 grams of cocaine stuffed into the 24-year-old's foreskin. Yes, his foreskin! How the hell does one do that? What did he do? Pull the skin back and hide it underneath? Um, ouch!

     The incident happened back on June 17 when Swindon police were called to a furniture store after getting calls of a man shouting and disturbing customers in the parking lot. When the officers arrived, Hare was naked and put up a struggle before he was taken into custody and taken to a local hospital. While in custody, a baggie containing white powder began to "emerge" from his foreskin. Wait! Was he getting hard in the the back of a police car? 

     Hare's attorney told the court that his client has a troubled background, substance abuse problems, possible mental health issues and suffered kidney issues when he was taken into police custody earlier this year after being arrested for aggravated theft of a vehicle without consent. Hare was in court back in May to answer the vehicle theft charges and was given a suspended sentence at that time.

     On Tuesday, Hare pleased guilty to both the drug charge and failing to surrender to bail. His attorney hoped magistrates would take his client's troubled background into consideration when sentencing his client. Hare was activated with a 12-week suspended sentence and slapped with a $151 fee. 

     Can we go back to the foreskin thing, though? How the hell did he do it? How can you fit it in there? It's not like the foreskin is a enough skin to hold pockets. Unless, he was uncircumcised. That's the only explanation. Then you can fit a whole kilo in your penis! Either way, "WTF?"

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