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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


     This morning, I was going to write about that stripper golf outing in Jersey, where the strippers did lap dances on golf carts and groped the golfers junk in broad daylight while playing golf and raising money for a good cause. But it seemed there were a lot of people who posted that story on Facebook yesterday. So, this story that I did choose to write about irritated me so much that it needs to be told. 

     By definition, a honeymoon is the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion. The keywords here are newlyweds and marriage. Well, this is Faizan Patel, an Indian photographer, who is enjoying a fabulous Italian honeymoon without his "honey." Why? You ask? That's because just two days before Faizan and his wife, Sana, were supposed to leave for their two-week trip, she realized she had lost her passport. Faizan went on the trip anyway, and kind of kept his wife with him. Yeah, no. My wife would kill me if I went on OUR honeymoon without her. Plus, is it really a honeymoon when your "honey" isn't with you? It's basically a vacation alone.

     On Monday, Faizan tweeted out a photo of himself, traveling with Sana's photo placed over an empty seat. My wife would kill! I would not be alive today writing for you guys. Then again, my wife and I work as a team, and we are on top of our travel documents before we travel and make sure we have everything in place, especially our passports on OUR honeymoon. That's just irresponsible. I also would have postponed the trip until my wife got her new passport, but that's just me (and I'm sure people who think properly).

     Faizan tweeted, "This is how I am traveling with my wife as of now." The tweet was seen by Sushma Swaraj, India's minister of external affairs. Sound like someone who can get something done? Yes, she was! Swaraj tweeted back to Faizan to have his wife contact her immediately. I little later, Swaraj said a duplicate passport would be issued and Sana will be able to make it to Italy after all. Or so everyone thought! Although, Sana had her hands on a new passport, Faizan said she won't be able to get a visa until after the honeymoon was over in two weeks. That sucks!

     The couple got married back in December and took a "mini-honeymoon" to an Indian national park, but Italy was supposed to be the real honeymoon. Faizan told CNN, "This trip was entirely planned by her. I wish to see her next to me soon." Hey, dummy! That's even more of a reason not to go without her! You should have got your money back or rescheduled your reservations. I'm sure if you explained the situation, all parties involved would have understood. As a man, I'm not sure I would have enjoyed a honeymoon without my wife and posting pictures of me and photo of my bride would have been a slap in the face to her. Honestly, I can't believe she didn't beat his ass. 

     That being said, Faizan isn't the first person to go on his honeymoon with his "honey." Apparently, Huma Mobin, a woman from Pakistan, posted photos of her husband-less honeymoon in Greece earlier this summer. Huma's photos show her exploring the wonders of Greece, with her right arm wrapped around a husband who wasn't there, because he couldn't get a visa from the Greek embassy. How is this okay? I don't get it! If my wife left me behind on a trip we planned together, I would be pretty pissed to. I would expect her to wait until my visa was good to go. If you ask me, these people who left their spouses behind are self-centered. Then again, maybe we don't know the full story. Maybe they wouldn't get a refund, but either way, they're losing half the money they spent on these trips, right? I don't know. It just sounds nuts to go on a honeymoon when you're a newlywed without your other half. I know for sure that my wife wouldn't have it and vice versa. 

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