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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


     Okay, before I even start writing this blog, I need to say that I DO have an alibi. When I was in Lancaster, PA this weekend for a wedding on a farm, there were no horses harmed on that farm, nor were there any mini-horses on the farm.

     That being said, a Lancaster County man was charged with burglary and having sexual intercourse with an animal, after a eyewitness reported seeing a suspicious man coming out of a barn in West Cocalico Township earlier this month. 

     The witness reported a license plate number, and according to Ephrata police say that 21-year-old Travis L. Wagner of Rheinholds, PA was arrested after the license plate was tracked back to him. The incident occurred on August 16 in the evening. The witness stated that a vehicle parked near a barn, and the driver went inside for a short time, then left. 

     When police interviewed Wagner, he admitted going into the barn to have intercourse with miniature horse housed in there. He said that he found the horse "super-sexy" and just couldn't help himself. Okay, I made that part up, but he seriously broke into a barn to bang a min-horse. Take that in for a second. Some of you might be thinking that's pretty gross. I'm thinking, "Wow, this guy, must be hung like a horse!" How could a human penis even fit into a horse, mini or regular sized. 

     Wagner was arraigned this past Monday morning and released on only $5,000 unsecured bail. The burglary charge, a second degree felony, carries a maximum penalty of not more than 10 years in prison. The sexual intercourse with an animal charge, a second degree misdemeanor, carries a maximum sentence of not more than two years in prison. Wow! So banging an animal only gets you a couple of years in prison? Interesting....and gross!

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