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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


     And we're back to Florida! Shocker, right? This is 19-year-old Austin Harrouff of Tequesta, Florida. He looks like your average American college kid, doesn't he? Would you believe it if I told you he's an ice cold cannibalistic murderer? Well, probably, since he is from Florida. I better stop making fun of Florida before I'm not allowed back into the state. I actually love Florida. 

     Anyway, Harrouff was having dinner with his family on Monday night, when he suddenly grew angry and stormed out of the restaurant, killed two people, then ate one of the victim's face off. Yes, I said, "ate one of the victim's face off!" Moments after Harrouff stormed out of the restaurant, police responded to a 911 call of a stabbing attack and arrived to find Harrouff biting off part of the dead man's face in the driveway of the victim's home in Tequesta. The man's wife was found dead in the garage and a neighbor suffered multiple stab wounds. 

     Harrouff was charged with a double homocide and taken to a nearby hospital, where he remained unconscious. People and hospital workers have completed some tests, but have not yet found any evidence of drug use. According to the Martin County Sheriff's Department, "He was a good kid. He had no criminal record." They also continued that Harrouff also had no apparent relationship to his victims and that the attack seemed to be completely random. The victims were identified as 59-year-old John Stevens and his wife, 53-year-old Michelle Mischcon, who are now survived by daughter Ivy Stevens.

     The Sheriff says that there is not one thing in this case that makes any sense. Harrouff does not fit the typical description of a deranged murderer. He was a star high school football player and excellent student taking advanced placement classes in the International Baccalaureate programs at school. He was home fore the weekend visiting family and some of his fraternity brothers. 

     The teen was eating dinner with his family in a local sports bar when he grew enraged by something, like the service, and stormed out of the eatery. He walked a few blocks in the direction of his father's house and came across Stevens and Mischcon sitting in their garage with the door open, which is what they did every evening, according to neighbors. Harrouff allegedly just attacked the couple using multiple weapons, including a knife and other blunt objects, killing them both. A neighbor attempted to stop the boy, but the teen turned to him and said, "You don't want any of this," before attacking him with a knife as well. The neighbor escaped to call 911. He is currently undergoing surgery with non-life threatening injuries. 

     When deputies arrived, they found Harrouff crouched over Stevens, grunting and growling like an animal, and eating his face. After attempting to subdue Harrouff with a stun gun and K-9 to no effect, three to four police officers managed to pull the college sophomore from the body and place him under arrest and heavy sedation.

     The Sheriff's Department said the preliminary tests have found no drugs in his system, but he wouldn't be surprised if more in depth testing finds evidence of the Flakka drug, technically known as alpha-PVP, a strong, synthetic, psychoactive stimulant similar to "bath salts." Okay, that's pretty crazy! This attack was similar to another famous Florida case from 2012, where bath salts were attributed to a man eating a homeless man's face, but police, at the time, only found marijuana in his system. Man, this Zombie Apocalypse is going to be here before you know it. It can all start from a stupid man-made drug called Flakka! What the hell? 

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