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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


     This story is amazing! I have no lead-in into this because I am absolutely speechless that someone actually took the time to turn their fart into a symphony. Simply spectacular!

     Apparently, a brother who  texting his sibling the sound of his flatulence after he moved away was stunned when he discovered one of his toots sounded like a symphony in disguise. I guess what they say is true! "Absence makes the fart grow fonder." They don't really say that. I snatched that from the Daily News. 

     Anyway, by slowing the seven-tone fart down, the brother, only known as Laurence, deciphered it to be a major seventh arpeggio in B flat with an incidental at the end. He then turned it into a bizarre symphony and uploaded the audio to his "Shonky Brothers" YouTube channel on Sunday, introducing it as his "rectum opus." It's a "whiff" of genius combined with a flute to produce the 20-second "Magnum Anus." Brilliant!

     Laurence posted a link to the clip on Reddit, where he explained the creative process behind his fartastic composition. He said, "I was on tour with the band up in Yackandandah, northern VIC, and sharing a room with my other brother and one of the boys when this fart came out. I knew instantly that it was special, but it took me until today to realize the fullness of its potential." 

     Laurence is believed to be from Australia. His clip went viral within hours of being posted and it's now racked up more than 1.3 million views. This is truly an amazing piece of work and I believe it will leave you speechless as well. You have to see this video to understand. Take a look....I mean listen:

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