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Tuesday, June 9, 2015


      What would you do for extra credit when you were in still in school? You would probably do anything to lift that lower grade to a higher and appealing one for your parents, right? Well, a teacher in Alameda, California took the extra credit offering and turned it up a notch...or two! Now, parents are up in arms about it. I guess they don't want their kids to get good grades. 

     The controversy concerns Wing Wah Leung, a tenth grade geometry teacher at Encinal High School in Alameda. Leung is said to have suggested students pad their grades by searching in their parent's draws for condoms, dildos, vibrators, and other adult toys and then taking selfie photos with the erotic items. Each item would earn the student ten points for each photo. 

     One student said that Leung allegedly added, "If you get caught, that would be funnier." Moms Kimberly Cobene and Evangeline Garcia took their concerns to Encinal High School administrators, who they claim implied that Leung's comments were supposed to be a joke. How is that a joke? If it's said in front of the students, it's clearly not a joke. According to Garcia, not every student took the extra credit offer as a joke either. 

     There are reports that one student went through with the assignment and showed his photos to fellow students as an example of what the photos should look like. Garcia told a news station, "If the kids took it as a joke, then why did one kid take it serious and actually did the extra credit work, and was shown as an example in class?" I mean she does have a point, but lighten up. It's not like Leung used any of these sex toys on the students or anything. He simply asked for students to take selfies with the parents' sex toys. No law has been broken. The only thing I see here are embarrassed parents, who didn't want the world to know that they use sex toys. Well, guess what? Because you had to bitch about it; now, the whole world knows. If you kept your mouth shut, only the classroom would have known. 

     Here's the best part; Garcia and Cobene believe Leung should be fired for this, but he is still teaching at the school. Alameda School District official Susan Gate said she couldn't comment on the case until the investigation is finished because of privacy reasons. The moms said they will act to protect their children and that they don't feel comfortable with their children in Leung's presence. I don't understand why? These kids are tenth graders, which makes them 16-years-old. If they don't know what sex toys are at the age of 16, then these parents really shelter these kids. I can understand if these kids were like 10 or something like that, but they were all teenagers. Leung probably thought he could joke with them and even if it was a serious extra credit offer, who cares? If my kid was teetering between an "A" and a "B", I would have handed him or her all of my wife's sex toys to take selfies with. I'm sure she would do the same. I think these moms were just embarrassed and wanted to make a big stink out of nothing. What do you think?

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  1. The 'best part' if there is one is that one of the 'innocents' has a video of herself at the firing range. These were not 6 year olds. Yes, questionable taste. Obviously a joke. He's more than paid the price already.