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Thursday, October 9, 2014


     My fiancee has been hounding me to get one of these home security video monitors for our house so she can watch our dog while she's at work. Um, needless to say that was a big fat NO! Then again, I hear stories about home invasions and it almost makes me think that it might be a good idea to actually have these small video cameras installed in our palace. Then, I read stories like this one and it's like finding $100 in your dirty pants pocket. 

     So, it turns out; a Chicago man and his girlfriend say they are totally creeped out by a video that shows their home being broken into by a man wearing a pair of woman's panties. Okay, he didn't break into the house with the panties on. The surveillance footage shows the man looking at framed photographs in the couple's house, then holding up the girlfriend's underpants. Then he pulls the panties wide over his pants and looks around some more. 

     Homeowner Steve Fremond said, "My initial reaction to seeing the video was mostly disbelief, but once it sank in I was a little scared. My girlfriend was very scared, though." He went on to say that nothing appears to have been taken and that he installed the safety cameras after hearing about strange break-ins around the neighborhood. Police are still investigating the incident, which happened on September 25. 

     I have to say that this is pretty damn funny! The fact that this guy broke into someone's house and didn't take a thing, but decided to try on some panties. What is wrong with this world? Is going to jail worth the panties that you got caught trying on? What happened to the days of breaking into people's houses and stealing their TVs and jewelry and whatnot? Now, people are breaking into houses to try on undergarments? I give up!

Take a look at the creepy video right here: 

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