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Thursday, October 23, 2014


     I know that I have a tendency to find stories about teacher-student sexcapades. I don't necessarily agree that the teacher is all at fault most of the time, but because they're older, they have to take the brunt of the punishment. Yes, these teachers should be a bit more careful with their indiscretions, but these students need to keep their mouths shut too. Better yet, maybe it's time for these teachers to find guys their own age because these kids are only acting their age...Well, because they're kids!

     Today's story is about a Washington D.C. substitute, who's not even a teacher yet, and how she was set up by a high school football player who begged her to have sex with him on her first day on the job. Again, she didn't have to say, "Yes" and this kid would have been the one in trouble. 22-year-old, Symone Greene performed oral sex on the 17-year-old behind her teacher's desk after he asked her to have sex with him seven times, which is the same number that is on his football jersey. The sub is being charged with first-degree sexual assault on a minor for the incident that happened this past Friday. 

     According to police, Greene taught an English class at Options Public Charter School. It was the first time she worked at the school, and the 17-year-old was an office assistant who helped in the class. The teen admitted to police officers that he flirted with the teacher throughout the class and at some point they exchanged phone numbers. The two started texting, where the 17-year-old asked if she was "kinky" and she allegedly replied with "I don't tell, I show." 

     Apparently, at the end of the school day, while other students attended a pep rally, the teen went back to Greene's classroom. He asked that she perform a number a sex acts on him that would match the number on his high school football jersey: the number seven. While she performed oral sex on the teen, the boy recorded it on his cell phone, but Greene was not aware she was being filmed. After the encounter, the teen showed the footage to his football teammates, which led to the police getting a phone call. This kid is a scumbag to a "T". Don't get me wrong; the teacher is at fault for even giving in to his begging, but this guy is a douchebag! She couldn't have picked a worse kid to do it with. He went stalking her, then he begs, he videotapes and then shows his friends? This kid has to be punished somehow!

    Needless to say, Greene will not be rehired at this school as a substitute anytime soon. Personally, I'd like to know if this kid will be punished. I mean he stalked her like an animal preying on a victim. Why is it okay to hound her about sex? Why was it okay for him to film her in the act? I will say it again, she is totally at fault for following through, but I don't feel that she was totally at fault. Like they say, it takes two to Tango! 

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