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Friday, October 24, 2014


     So, with today's story, I'd like to preface it with "do not try this at home!" Well, that's unless you're in an intimate relationship with the person. Either way, it's still very degrading to your partner. 

     Anyway, a British college student who recently slapped a sleeping woman in the face with his penis is seeing his dreams of becoming an attorney go up in smoke. I mean I can't see why? According to my fiancee, this stuff happened to all the time when she went to Frat parties in college. When I asked her if this ever happened to her, she quickly replied, "Oh hell no!" I'm sorry, but am I the only who finds this hilarious? I know everyone is a little on edge right now because they found our first case of ebola in NYC, but that can only mean stay the hell out of NYC for now!

     Back to the penis face slapping! It turns out; 21-year-old John Luke Dale, drunkenly stripped down to his briefs before shoving his flaccid member into the young woman's face after she dozed off at a house party in 2013. When she wasn't responsive to the penis in her face, he slapped her with it. First of all, why would anyone fall asleep at a house party? Haven't they heard of the game, "You Snooze, You Lose"? The Nottingham Trent criminology undergraduate's naught antics were all caught on camera by a pal. Then again, what today isn't caught on camera? He showed the video to a workmate, who in turn called the police on him. WHAT? Why would the workmate even get involved? If you ask me, that guy's a douche! What a tattle-tale! If the girl didn't file any charges, what gave this co-worker the right to call police? I am speechless. 

     Dale, who is from Milton Keynes, was locked up for nine months in September after confessing to the sexual assault. Details of the incident came to light this week, however, after three top judges at the Court of Appeal rejected his plea for a more lenient sentence. Judge Alistair McCreath stated, "One can see in stark form the distress caused to the victim of this offense and the continuing nature of it. The sentence which the judge imposed cannot possibly be wrong in principle." The victim actually came out and said that she felt violated and that she was petrified the video clip would spread. SEE? She wasn't even concerned that Dale slapped her in the face with his flaccid penis! She was more concerned that the video clip would spread! I have to say that though this incident is extremely degrading, it's too funny! Did Dale get the right sentencing? Sure, he did, but to make matters even worse, he can't even become a lawyer now. His future is messed up. So, who is the real victim here? And by the way, his workmate is still a douchebag!

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