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Monday, February 9, 2015


     Okay, now when I'm visiting another country, I try to be on my best behavior because you never know what local police are like. Then again, if I walked into a house of worship in another country, I'm not sure I would've done what these two sisters from Arizona did either. 

     So, 20-year-old Leslie Adams and 22-year-old Lindsey Adams were sentenced on Saturday to be deported after they took naked pictures of each other in Preah Khan Temple in Cambodia's Angkor complex only the day before. The sisters, who are from Prescott, AZ, were arrested after they were caught snapping pictures of each other mooning the camera inside the World Heritage site. What possesses people to do certain things? What made the Adams sisters think it was okay to take their pants down in a place of worship? Would they have done this in their own church? My guess is NO! 

     The Siem Reap provincial court sentenced them to a suspended six-month prison stint and ordered them to pay 1 million riel ($315 USD). They were deported yesterday and have been banned from returning to the country for four years. One statement said the sisters admitted to making a mistake by taking the nude photos. But were they really nude? I mean, it was just their asses. Plumbers show their ass cracks all the time. I could understand if they were caught taking their tops off or something, but I'm sure it was just a quick mooning. Then again, I still would not have done it in a place of worship. 

     Their antics apparently offended locals because Angkor is considered sacred ground. The archaeological park housed the ruins of the Khmer Empire, which dominated the region from the 9th to the 15th centuries. A spokeswoman said, "Perhaps they did not know Angkor is a holy site, but their inappropriate activities affect the sanctity of the place."

     The funny thing is this is not the first time Cambodian authorities have had  to content with visitors showing off their assets. Three French male tourists were deported last week for taking a nude photo shoot at a nearby temple. Earlier in the same week, the Aspara Authority threatened to take legal action after photographs of topless women in Angkor went viral the weekend of January 24. What is happening in Cambodia? Is it the in thing to go there and take nude pics their temples? I don't get it. I mean the U.S. isn't immune to tourist attraction naked pictures. The Empire State Building management had to file a $1.1 million lawsuit against a photographer who took a picture of a topless woman on the skyscraper's 86th floor observatory back in August 2013. I mean, I guess this has become the latest fad! You can expect to see my penis at the Great Wall of China next! 

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