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Thursday, February 12, 2015


     Love is in the air! It's February and we're two days away from Valentine's Day! Who doesn't want a piece of ass on the day of Love? Though, I'm not sure what I'm about to show is what you're thinking what I say a piece of ass. In fact, this gives new meaning to Chocolate Starfish even for me!

     Anyway, for those of you still looking for a last minute Valentine's Day gift for the one you love and unless you fell like risking your prospects of getting laid on overnight shipping, you'll probably want to get this out of the way. We all know that Chocolate and sex are both Valentine's Day staples, but if you really wanted to think outside of the heart-shaped box on Saturday, there's really only one option and I'm talking about....Are you ready?....The Edible Anus!

     Yes! The best gift ever! For just $38.95, plus the cost of expedited shipping since Valentine's Day is on Saturday, the company will ship you five boxes of white, milk and dark chocolate sphincters that no reasonable person wouldn't enjoy receiving as a gift! I think this is amazing! The minute that I saw it I was sold! Will my new bride like it? Probably not! She may even think that I'm psychotic for getting this for her, but she'll have a box of chocolate that is unique and that no one else has. Now, this is out of the box thinking! 

     The man behind the Edible Anus is Magnus Irvin and he first started Edible Anus by casting his own anus and making chocolate with it. BRILLIANT! The process, however, wasn't without any setbacks as Irvin said, "I poured the stuff in me bum and it all run past me nuts into my face!" Does your girl prefer jewelry over chocolate? Then you're in luck! Irvin doesn't only stop at chocolate starfishes. For an extra $1900, his company also offers custom bronze molds of your anus! They even wrap in a nice jewelry box to wrap as a gift. 

     I have to be really honest. I'm not sure if I should be really disgusted or really blown away with Irvin's creation. The chocolates are a brilliant idea for Valentine's Day, but to Bronze my anus for my wife? Yeah, I don't know. In fact, I'm not even sure that I can eat one of these chocolate anuses for real. It's a great gag gift, but the thought of eating one really makes me gag a little bit. Do you think they make them with nuts also? Okay....I just threw up a little. But I still love this idea. Take a look at the video below to see how it's all done:


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