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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


     By now, most of you know, I'm not one to write about celebs, but I guess sports stars are okay, right? I mean who doesn't love a good scandal? Especially, when the athlete's wife is smokin' hot! Take Boston Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz for example. Yes, he might have made a few of my Yankees' lives a living hell on certain nights with his pitching, but in this story, it's his wife, Linsday Clubine, who's been thrown a curve ball. 

     This past year, we saw the likes of celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Anna Kendrick and Kate Upton grabbing headlines in the iCloud hacking that saw a slew of nude photos of the celebrities hit the Internet. Well, we can add the pitcher's model wife to that list of hacked nudies, which after seeing this photo of her with Buchholz, I kind of want to see now. 

     Buchholz told a newspaper in Fort Myers, Florida, where he's in Spring Training, "Lindsay was pretty shaken up. I just told her to try and forget about it. Everybody knows stuff happens. That's my wife and it's our business, but at the same time people are going to use you for whatever they can." Oh, gee! Thanks for the words of wisdom, Clay! Stick to pitching! Again, another reason not to send nude photos of yourselves to each other. Once that stuff is documented, it's out there for good. Look what happened to WWE superstar Seth Rollins a couple of weeks ago. He wasn't hacked, but he had a jealous and scorned fiancee who wanted to get back at him. She held nothing back at posting nude photos of the superstar. The point is; once you take those pics, they will be found or put out there one way or the other. So, why even bother? I mean, I really don't care. Personally, it's entertaining for me. 

     When the photos first came out, Clubine, a former suitcase girl for the NBC show "Deal or No Deal", told TMZ that she was 'devastated" but admitted that some of the photos were of her. Back in October, she told TMZ, "Clay and I are good. I send him pictures on the road." There's you're mistake right there! The blonde beauty was irate that she was being linked to some "hardcore" images from the hack telling the gossip site that those were images that a teammate sent to her husband and were also taken off his phone. Now, I'm confused. So, Clay Buchholz had photos of a teammates wife doing hardcore stuff on his phone when it was hacked and she's okay with that? Hmmm.....The plot thickens!

     Buchholz told the Fort Myer paper, "It was pretty shocking. It was one of those things. There's always (someone who's) looking to get somebody. It just happened to be me. There were multiple other people that it happened to, obviously. Seriously, it took five days and we really didn't hear about it anymore." WRONG! You're hearing about it again....Right now!
     Buchholz, who is coming off one of his worst seasons with the Red Sox, said that he and Lindsay sought legal action against the hackers, but were told it was impossible since the hackers were located in the Netherlands and as far as laws go, those hackers could not be prosecuted. They even had a few lawyers look into it and came up with the same results. Buchholz didn't say if he and Lindsay are giving up the practice of exchanging sexy photos while he's on the road, but he did say, "We'll definitely be more careful. I try to keep everything as secure as possible." What a dummy! If people want to see those pics, they will get out there.

These are allegedly the pics, but it doesn't look like her: LINDSAY CLUBINE

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