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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


     Can you imagine waking up one day and not knowing who you were? What you did for a living? Who your family was? And then still never recouping that memory even ten years later? That's what happened to this guy, Benjamin Kyle. He's been living his life in an information void. He doesn't know his last name, his hometown, or his occupation. He can't name a single friend or family member. 

     The mystery behind this guy who calls himself Benjamin started when police found him naked and unconscious near Savannah, Georgia. On August 31, 2004, Burger King workers called Richmond Hill Police when they found a naked man sleeping near their dumpster just off of I-95. According to a police report from 6:30 that morning, the man was semi-conscious, but couldn't respond to officers. EMS arrived minutes later. Their report says stated that no trauma was noted, but redness to the shoulders, face and head with total body covered in sores and rash. Paramedic thought the man may have received blows to the head from a blunt object. They transported him to St. Joseph's Hospital.

     The man recovered, but never recovered his memory. He decided to take his initials from the restaurant where he was found: "B.K." for Burger King and now calls himself, Benjamin Kyle. It's been more than 10 years, and Benjamin's story has been told in a documentary on the Dr. Phil and by numerous news organizations. Despite the exposure, no one has come forward to say they even recognize him. I have to admit, however, if you take a little off of the sides of his mustache, the guy looks like Adolf Hitler. Can it be? He traveled to the future? The guy is way too young to be Hitler, but come on; doesn't he look like him?

     When he appeared on the Dr. Phil show in 2008, he said, "Even though I don't know who I am, there are some things that seem right. Benjamin. That popped right up; I just knew that was my name. I'm 10 years older than Michael Jackson, to the day. And he was born on August 29, 1958. So that makes me August 29, 1948." How the hell does he remember that, but nothing else? Despite these vague memories, none of these leads have led to an answer as to who Benjamin Kyle really is. So, the mystery remains: Who is the man who calls himself Benjamin Kyle? If you think you might know this man, call the GBI tip line at 1-800-597-TIPS.  

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