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Thursday, March 5, 2015


     I'm not sure why I find this story so funny. Maybe it's because I can relate? Who am I kidding? I can't relate, but this story is totally ridiculous. 

     Okay, so a Nigerian man's huge penis proved to be the deal breaker for his new bride, who described sex with him as "a nightmare." According to Nigeria's Tribune, the woman's request for an annulment to her one-week-old marriage sparked laughter in a Zamfara courtroom once she explained her shocking reason, but Aisha Dannupawa, a previously married mother of three, said the matter was anything but funny. Um, yes it is! Does this woman expect us to believe that her husband's penis was bigger than a baby? I mean, she's the mother of three! I've never birthed a child before, but my sister has four children and said the fourth one pretty much slid out on her own. This lady was the mother of three children, but giant penis was "a nightmare" for her? I'm not buying it. There has to be more to this story!

     Dannupawa claims of her sexual relations with Ali Maizinari, "When he came over, we had sex but the experience was a nightmare. Instead of enjoying the sex, it turned out to be something else because his penis was too big." Says the woman who popped out three children from the same vagina. She went on to say that he mother gave her medication after their first painful attempt at intimacy, but the second time they tried to have intercourse, she decided to never do it again. Here's the problem I have with this story; did she not have sex with him before they got married? If she did have sex with Maizinari before they wedded, why would you marry him knowing that his penis was a "BIG" problem? I mean even if you didn't have sex before marriage, how can you not know about his "BIG" problem until after the big day? It makes no sense.

     The husband, Maizinari, who did not deny his girth, told the court that he'd be willing to dissolve their marriage if she returned the dowry he had paid, as well as the money spent on courting her. He estimated that he paid 60,000 Nigerian Naira or about $300 USD. Damn! Nigerian women are not expensive dates at all! How long did this guy court her for? A week? This story is getting a little out of hand now. Maybe I have read up on my Nigerian wedding customs, but it doesn't sound like this couple spent any time together before they even took it to the next level. The court asked the couple to try to reconcile one last time before their next appearance in the courtroom. I have to be honest, this woman must be the laughing stock in her community. I know women say that size doesn't matter, but this woman just made her soon-to-be ex-husband a star in their community! Every single women in the Zamfara community will be going after Ali and his Long Duck Dong!     

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